About Dr. Kao-hutt

Audiologist in Ahwatukee specializing in hearing aids and custom ear plugs

I believe hearing well maintains each person's independence and ability to communicate and express themselves and connect with others. I have worked with pediatric to geriatric a range of patients, and seniors are my favorite. I started graduate studies of audiology, 1999 and finished my doctorate 2012. I have worked and interned in hospitals, clinics, private practice, schools, university, ENT, and opened new clinics. I decided to create a workspace for myself 2012, with the goals to have independence of how to run hearing care.  Aloha Hearing Solutions is set to emphasize personal care for the patient and the family, located in Ahwatukee, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.  

core values

  • Patient centered care

  • Fast and efficient response time

  • Success is not numbers only, but each individual is valuable and helping one patient at a time is my goal

  • Emphasis on the importance of hearing, which is closely related to success in relationships and happiness in life