Aloha Hearing Solutions

We are an audiology clinic located in Ahwatukee. Dr. Kao-Hutt started this clinic out of her passion to provide quality hearing healthcare. She does this by spending the time to educate the patient and answer questions. Click the link above to check out her blog. She posts educational content regularly on Facebook fan page. Please call, text, or email if you have any questions, or to set  an appointment (480-652-0680// See you soon!

Custom Ear Plugs

Hearing Aids


From sleep plugs to custom ear plugs for pilots, there are numerous custom ear plugs possibilities.”I love my sleep plugs, they are comfortable and block my husband’s snoring.” DA, 2013 “I fit to the needs of the patient. The consultation and education of test results is what I emphasize. I enjoy providing care for the patient throughout the entire hearing aid process.” -Dr. Kao-Hutt “Important update, hearing aids are working great” BR, public speaker, second set of hearing aids, 2012.”I can hear the birds sing.” HF, 1st set of hearing aids 2013″I can use the phone without the whistling noise, thank you.” GR, hearing aid user for over 12 years, 2013